My Winter Homeware Wishlist

Hello everyone!

Christmas is nearly here! Only 8 weeks and 6 days left!

So I thought I’d put together a bit of homeware wish list.

So first from H&M, which I think their home wear section is amazing, is this gorgeous throw. It’s got cute little stars and isn’t too Christmassy so can be used for autumn/winter time. £24.99

Next are some cushions to go with the throw also from H&M. These are a little bit more Christmas themed and would probably only use these in December time. £8.99

The next few items are from Next Home :

First we have these adorable little lights for the mantle piece. I think these would be great all year round but would really make the living room cosy during the cold and wet weather! £10

Also from next is a Christmas diffuser. I always have candles or incense or something in the house to make it smell delicious. I find diffusers last longer and really make the house smell great. And Christmas scents are my absolute favourite. £14

Last on the list is this amazing and quirky Christmas tree. This would so cute above the mantel piece with some Christmas ornaments under it or even a manger£25

Do you have a winter home ware wish list? Link it below I’d love to read!




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