£20 Amazon Make up Haul

Hey guys!

So I’ve recently been on Amazon and noticed they sell quite a bit of beauty related products and finally managed to get around to buying some.

I was a bit skeptic at first as I thought it was all going to be pretty crap but I was pleasantly surprised.

What I bought:

  • Qivange Makeup Brushes
  • L.A Girl Pro Conceal Concealer
  • A set of two Silicone Makeup applicators
  • Technic contour and highlight kit.

I absolutely love the makeup brushes they are amazing and surprisingly good quality for the £7.99 price! They do loads of different colours so I really recommend you have a look!

I’ve tried the Concealer only a few times and it seems pretty good. I picked a slightly dark shade but works just fine when I mix another Concealer in with it.

Next the silicon makeup applicator thing… haven’t a clue how to use it really. I’ve only tried it twice but it just feel like I’m pushing the product around my face rather than actually blending it into my skin?

The Technic contour and highlight kit is okay. It comes with a contour, highlight and blush stick and then a highlighter as well. The highlighting powder is really good and I absolutely love it. It’s pearly shade is quite subtle. Haven’t tried the sticks out too much as I’m not one for using cream contour. But they seem really pigmented and blendable!

Amazon is definitely the place if you’re looking for some beauty bargains!

Is there anywhere else you think I could find some bargains? Let me know!





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