Unpopular Opinion: I hate the Beauty Blender

Hello everyone!

I'f you've been on twitter recently you would have seen the hashtag going around #UnpopularOpinion and I thought I'd make a wee mini series out of it on makeup/beauty products everyone else likes but just don't do it for me.

So to kick of the series off is something that everyone LOVES… The Beautyblender. I don't mean beauty sponges in general I mean the branded Beautyblender sponge.

I tried several ones before I bought this all costing somewhere in the region of £5-£9 and the Beautyblender is at the bottom of the list.

I got the Nude Beautyblender which was probably my first mistake as it takes an age to clean even with the Beautyblender solid cleaner. And it stains! It cost £16. The most expensive one I've bought.

I find it juts soaks up soooo much product. I use twice the amount of foundation with it than others I've tried. Yes I wet it.

I've tied using it for my under eye concealer and it just leaves it looking patchy and moves the foundation underneath.

I'm not sure if I got a bad one? I'm not sure if thats even possible. I just really don't like it.

I much prefer the Real Techniques one ore the Makeup Revolution one. And they're like half the price!

Do you like the Beautyblender? Any tips I need to try before I chuck it?




4 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion: I hate the Beauty Blender

  1. I kinda agree with you, the beauty blender is the first beauty sponge I used, and honestly it really drinks the product! I bought the pink one and even after washing it several times in a row it always looks dirty. Did you try any silicon blender?


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