TKmaxx Make Up Steals!

Hey Everyone!

Soo I was in TKmaxx the other day and it was the best of my life (so far anyways)!

I always have a bit of a browse in the makeup section but everything is usually not worth or smush to an inch of its life! But to my surprise there was so much there! fully in tact! Not touched!

There was a pretty impressive variety of brands there.. Nars, TooFaced, MakeUp Forever, MAC and Dior! They had a mountain of the TooFaced melted matte liquid lipsticks but in the metallic formula and a few Dior eyeshadows.

They had so much MakeUp Forever bits which is where I got my steals from! I got 4 items for £33! I got the MakeUp Forever Ultra HD foundation(retails at £30) it was a little dark but will be perfect for when I fake tan or after holidays. I got the Pro Fusion Bronzer (retails at £28.50) the Rouge Artist Lipstick ( retails at £16) and The excessive lash mascara (retails at about £18) I got all this for £33!

I always make sure to have a look because you can find some good bargains! If you haven’t get to your local TKmaxx and see what they have in! You never know what they might have in!

Have you found any bargains recently? Any shops I should check out? 


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