Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoying this amazing weather we’re having.

I went on a bit of a shopping spree a couple of weeks ago and got a few bits from the brand Zoeva on Beauty Bay. I got a few bits but i really want to talk about the blush palette I got because it is the shit.

I got the Rose Golden Blush palette. It comes with a blush a highlight and a contour/bronzer shade.



The blush is a gorgeous rose gold (duh) shade. Perfect for dewy looks as it is quite shimmery. The contour shade is a tad bit light for me but it works if I layer it. The highlight is why I love this palette so much. It is perfect. It’s not chunky and is the perfect pearl shade. I am in love it. It’s super pigmented and super intense which is what I like, If you’re more into subtle highlights you probably wont like it.

Like I said I got a couple of other things from Zoeva and i’m sure you’ll see them pop up here soon 😉

Do you have any products you think  should try and review? Let me know!






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