Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Real VS Fake

Hello My Lovelies!

How are we all doing? I hope we all had a lovely Christmas and new year!

So recently I bought 2 Kylie lip kits one real and one fake. The real one costing about £24 excluding shipping ( which cos f*cking bomb) and the fake one cost me £0.99 and was free to ship.

I know people are interested in shipping fees and all that to order from the Kylie Cosmetics website so it cost £15 to ship to the uk and there was additional £18 import tax (vom)!! so in to total i think I paid like £80 for two lip kits one was a present.

The fake one cost me £0.99 and was shipped from China and took about 4 weeks to arrive. of course it didn’t come in the black Kylie box came with the usual package the lip kits came in.

So was there a massive difference between real and fake? Yep there definitely was! I found the real one to be kinda watery while fake was more moussey. The real was patchy as hell, i’m not sure if that was because of the shade I got but I could not get it to be even and yes I used the liner! The fake one was perfect to be honest. I even found it lasted longer on a night out. The real one gets crusty and does not wear off nice and I don’t have this problem with the fake.

So would I spend £40 on a lip kit again? F*ck no I would not. The 99p one was way better than expected and I’ve even ordered more colours.

And before you think I just don’t like Kylie, I actually do! I even follow her on snapchat. I just don’t like her lip kits and don’t think they’re worth £24 price tag.

Have tried the real or fake? What did you think?


One thought on “Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Real VS Fake

  1. I’ve tried the fake ones and let me tell you, the fake ones contain glue. All of them, although you may not feel it, I have bought many from different fake websites. As I have an allergy of glue my skin blisters up like hell and itches like crazy. I would personally never purchase either. Fake ones dry like paint and are horrible. The nyx lip lingerie is the way to go!


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