My First Sheet Mask Experience

Hello my Lovelies!

How excited are we for Christmas?!? I can’t wait!

Soooo i tired a sheet mask the other day and I really found the experience kinda awkward.

First of all I didn’t even know it was a sheet mask because the package was all in Korean or Japanese or something so I couldn’t read anything including the instructions. I got the mask in a Birch Box but I can’t remember which month. It was cucumber mask for cooling and soothing the skin.

Okay so first of all it was soooo slimy. Like weird. I also didn’t know if I even had it on the right way because there was no English instructions so feck knows really. It was dripping all over the place and to be honest was a bit of a mess.

Any ways I got it on my face and managed to keep it there for about 15 minutes. No I’m not sure what I was expecting but my face just felt cold and slimy afterwards. Obviously this is just this particular mask and I’m sure others wouldn’t be that slimy. I’ll hopefully get to try some more and I’ll let you know hoe I feel about those too!

Have you got any recommendations of sheet masks? I’d love to try out some more!






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