Aldi Skincare? Yay or Nay

Hello my lovelies! 

How are all? Super excited for Halloween I hope! So a few weeks ago on twitter I said I had been to Aldi and picked up some skin care items from the Lacura line. I’ve been testing them out ever since and I’m going to let you know how I got on with them. 

The first thing I picked up was a face wash. It’s for sensitive skin has no colours and no perfumes. Surprisingly I really liked this. It’s super gentle on the skin and makes my face feel fresh and clean. I can’t remember exact prices but it was around the £2 mark. I’ll definitely re purchase this. 

The next item I picked up was a serum. It said on the bottle multi intensive and restorative. This broke me out like a mother. I used it for about 4 days and had the worst break outs ever. It’s greasy and left my skin feeling really oily. Do not recommend. 

The last item I picked up was the Expert night cream. This was the most expensive costingabout £4. I absolutely love this. It’s full of vitamins and really hydrates my skin over night without clogging it up. This is definitely worth a go and works great even for oily skin. 

Overall pretty good but can be a bit hit and miss! Have you tried any skincare from Aldi? How’d it go? 





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