My Perfume Collection

Hello My Lovelies!


I hope you are all having a wonderful week!


Todays blog post is going to be my perfume collection as I seem to have a bit of an obsession with them!

My most recent purchase is Thunderstruck by Taylor Swift. I know some of you may be like “ew” but this scent as absolutely amazing and I am totally in love with it! It is very sweet and has strong aromas of berries and vanilla. I got a small 30ml size so its perfect for your handbag. This goes for around £29 for 50ml so its very inexpensive!

My next, and all time favorite perfume as to be Alien by Thierry Mugler. This is just amazing and it lasts all day long on me. Unfortunately this is ridiculously expensive costing about £40 for 30ml ( :O )!! The notes in this one are jasmine, cashmere and amber. Its a very heavy , sexy perfume and I love it.

The next perfume isn’t really a perfume but a fragrance mist from Victoria’s Secret. Its called Pure Seduction. This again is very sweet but has more of a floral note than vanilla. This surprisingly lasts really well and is perfect for nights out! The 250ml bottle cost me £14.99.

The next on the list is DKNY Delicious night. I love this perfume but not for everyday. Its very sexy and muscky. some of the notes s are ginger, frankincense, jasmine and patchouli.

The last perfume I have been using recently is by Jessica Simpson. It’d called I Fancy You. This isn’t the one I actually thought I purchased on Amazon I thought it was just Fancy but it’s still a really nice perfume! Very floral! The normal Fanyc perfume is much more sweet and more notes of Vanilla!

Those are the 5 perfumes I have on rotation at the minute. If you have any recommendations please let me know!





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