How I Deal With Painful Periods

Hello My lovelies!

Let me first apologise for being AWOL for so long. I have been super busy with work and my mam came to visit, so its been super hectic!

I was also AWOL because it was that time of month last week so I didn’t have the energy or patience to write anything.

Some of you may be thinking I’m being over dramatic but there’s others out there who know and feel my pain.

Ever since my first period they have always been extremely painful, to the point where the pain was so bad it would make me be physically sick. I’ve tried everything to help the pain and somethings have worked but after a while I became immune to these and they just didn’t work anymore. I’ve tried Feminex, Ponstan and even the pill.

The only thing that seems to ease the pain is being in bed with a hot water bottle practically glued to my stomach along with the daily allowance of ibuprofen.

This is the only thing that can keep me comfortable that I’ve tried so far. (Any Suggestions are welcome ladies!) So needles to say as soon as I feel that first hint of a cramp I start praying that it wont be as bad as last month. Alas.. it always is

It’s difficult to stay motivated and happy when something like this is happening and there’s nothing much you can do stop it. One of the best things I find that keeps my spirits up is keeping busy. Like I said last week my mam was visiting so we had loads to do and see so keeping busy wasn’t a problem.

Naps are also really really good. There’s nothing better than coming home from work and crawling into bed with a hot water bottle and having an good hours nap.

And of course chocolate! Chocolate is scientifically proven (according to google) to make you happy. There’s an amino acid in it which is used by the brain to make serotonin which produces feelings of happiness. (wee science lesson for ya there). Obvs don’t over indulge but just a few nibbles here and there really helps to keep my spirits up!

The last thing which I 3 or 4 times throughout the time of my period is a nice hot bath. This is so relaxing and the heat is good to relax those cramping muscles too!

Apologies for the rambling in this post! I haven’t written in so long I just can’t help it!

Anyways if you have any tips please share them!







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