Preparing For A Big Night Out

Hello My Lovelies!

Can we just take a second to talk about the fact that 2015 is practically over?!?! How fast has that year gone by! It feel like yesterday it was summer time!

Anyways moving on today’s blog post is going to be my top tips to preparing for a big night out, such as tonight! (New Years Eve!)

Number 1.. Shave those legs ladies! Not only if your wearing a dress or a skirt or whatever or you just  don’t want people thinking you’re a cave woman but it will make you feel sexier! I always feel so much more sexier and confident once my legs are shaved!

Number 2… Pamper yourself! Have a bath, drink some wine, do a face mask, whatever relaxes you. Don’y do anything stressful or you’ll just be tired  and you’ll end up kissing your pillow when it come to midnight!

Number 3.. Eat! It is always a good idea to eat a good meal before drinking. I’m sure we’ve all had an experience where we’ve not eaten before a night out and it didn’t end well. Soo… takeaway anyone?

Number 4.. Plan your outfit! If you’re anything like me and  don’t have an outfit planned I end up trying on clothes for an hour and a half and then deciding I’m not going anymore because I look ugly in everything, planning your outfit is always a good idea.

Lastly… Have fun! I find getting ready for a night out is one of the best parts of the night. So get some music on, poor a glass of wine and enjoy!

I hope you all have an amazing night and have a very Happy New Year! Speak to you in 2016 (how weird does that sound!)





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