Dove Dry Oil For Hair Review

Hello My Lovelies! 

So I’m not sure I’ve spoken much about my hair on here so let me give you a quick run down. My hair is extremely curly and quite dry. I use heat on it a lot and have recently just bleached it. So given all that I need hair products that stop frizz and give my hair that healthy shiny look! Enter Dove Dry Hair Oil!! 

I have never been more impressed with a hair product in my life! My hair was so dry after the most recent time bleaching it and this completely changed it! I put it in after I wash it and then again after I dry it and my hair has never felt softer! 

I have struggled with frizz for so long and I have finally found a product that I can rely on. The best part is it doesn’t make my hair look greasy! And it doesn’t leave your hands all slimey! 

I am completely in love with this product and highly recommend it to people who struggle with frizzy hair! You can get this in Superdrug and Boots! 

Have you tried it? 

How did you find it? Let me know! 





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