Products I Regret Buying.

Hello My Lovelies,

I was going through my make up and sorting it out and came across a few items that I never use and do regret buying.

The first thing which I regret buying I got a couple of months ago and did mention it in one of my haul blogs is the MAC Wash And Dry collection highlighter in the shade Freshen-Up. I like using this as blush for a minimal no makeup look but besides that it doesn’t do much. Its a bit chalky and doesn’t highlight at all. Which is a bit disappointing considering it cost £25.

The next thing I absolutely hated was the Bourjois “Clubbing Liner” in Intense Black. I’m not sure how much I spent in this but it really wasn’t worth it. The applicator is so prickly and really bad quality. I used this once and then never used it again.

Now the next one pains me a bit to put it in. Its the Blackhead Clearing Cleanser from Clean&Clear. I love Clean&Clear products I think they’re great but this just did nothing for my skin apart from sting the crap out of it and it definitely didn’t clear any black heads!

The last thing I really regret buying is the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day gel nail polish. I got this for my holiday to Portugal so I wouldn’t have to re-do my nails every few days. This was a disaster. It chipped within two days and the colour faded. That could have something to do with the sun though. Pretty disappointing though considering it cost about £6.

Have you bought any bought any products you regret buying recently? Let me know in the comments below 🙂





One thought on “Products I Regret Buying.

  1. It’s always such a pity when beauty products happen to be pretty useless, especially if they were not cheap to buy. Recently I threw away a couple of nail polishes as well… The worst one was a base/top coat by Revlon.
    It’s good to share about products we regret buying, as it may help others to save money 🙂

    “Part Hydrator + Part Primer =?”//

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