Kiko Haul

Hello My Lovelies!

Sorry I didn’t get to post the other day I’m just been super busy (sunbathing) here in Portugal!

Anyways the other day I went to the Algarve Shopping centre where they have a really nice Kiko Milano Cosmetics shop. I already had a few things from this brand and there was a 50% off sale on so it was hard to resist!

I ended up with quite a few bits.
The first thing I picked up was a couple of lip liners the first a reddish brown in the shade 305 and the second a really deep purple and that one was called 710. I don’t think they have actual names for different shades only numbers. I haven’t tried the purple one yet but I really like the brown one so fat and the staying power is quite good!

The next thing I picked up was a foundation. When I go on holidays I tan really quickly and do go quite dark so I picked a new foundation that would match my skin tone for the rest of my holiday and the rest of summer. The foundation I picked up is called the Unlimited Foundation and I got mine in the shade neutral 60. It’s quite a full coverage and has really good staying power which you need in this heat! It also has spf15 which is also really good as I don’t like putting on sun cream and then foundation.

The next thing I picked up was a small eyeshadow pallete in the Street Glam line and it’s called 01. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this is the palette I smashed before I even got to use it! (Devo!) So I didn’t even get to properly swatch this so I cant say what the colours and quality is really like. Does anyone know how I can fix it?

The next thing I spotted was the single eyeshadows. They also had a deal on, when you bought 6 single eyeshadows you got a free 24 pallete case with them. I picked up 3 matte ones, a glittery one and slightly shimmery one. It can be a bit hit and miss with some of their eyeshadows. I was a bit disappointed with the glittery one at first but if you add a small bit of water to it it’s soo much more pigmented!


I also got one of their Soft Touch blushes in the shade 107. It’s like a dark dusty rose colour and blends so nicely.

The last things I got were some nail varnishes. The selection of nail varnish in Kiko is amazing! There are so many colours and different formulas to pick from! I was really surprised at how good a quality they were given that they were only like €1.50!

And that’s when I decided I had a makeup addiction and need to leave before I spent all my money!!

I do like Kiko as the quality of some things you can get are really amazing considering how cheap they are! It can be a bit hit and miss with some products so I recommend swatching and trying anything before you buy it!

More when I’m back from holidays!





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