Summer Holiday Essentials.

Hello My Lovelies!

How is everyone’s summer going?

So as you may have seen form my last blog post I am going to Portugal on Wednesday and there are some items that just have to go with me on a sun holiday. So lets get to it!

Firstly, the absolute number one must have is a good waterproof mascara. I never leave the house without it on as my eyes are super small. I’ll be bringing with me this time the Maybelline Lash Sensation in the waterproof formula. I love this mascara and its also a really good dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.

The next must have is a good all over moisturizer. Being in the sun all day really dries my skin out so I need a good moisturizer. My favourite one to use is the Dove Intensive Nourishing Lotion in the Deep Care formula. I have dry skin anyways and this seems to be the only moisturizer that works for me.

Another thing that I have to have with me all the time is an SPF lip balm. I love the eos lip balms which are SPF 15 and smell amazing! I have the scent Summer Fruit and I got this at Topshop.

Next on the list is a good foundation that can last all night in the heat and humidity. For this I’ll be taking the Esteè Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. I love this foundation. It has such a beautiful finish and staying power. You can read more about it in my review post here Esteè Lauder Double Wear Review .

Obviously something that should be on everybody’s list is a good sun cream. I usually use the Garnier Ambre Solaire in SPF 15 or SPF 20. A good after sun is always good to have handy aswell just incase you get burnt.

The next thing is a must for me and that’s comfy shoes! I hate wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable or hurt my feet. Usually I break my shoes in for a couple of weeks before I go. There is nothing worse than wearing new shoes and getting blisters when you’re on holidays!

And lastly on my list is something to calm frizzy hair. All girls with curly hair will know how the humid air can affect curly hair and its not pretty. I like using a hair oil so it keeps my hair shiny and smooth and healthy too.

Well That’s everything. What’s on your list?





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