Hello my lovelies!

So today was payday and I found myself in my local Boots and to my surprise they had some Smashbox products! My local Boots is quite small and have just your general make up brands Maxfactor, Rimmel etc.

I’ve been looking for an eyebrow product for a while now that had both a gel and a pencil/powder so I thought I’d give this a try!

It has an eyebrow pencil on one side and a clear gel on the other. I got this in the shade Brunette, its a deep brown but has slightly ashy undertones.

I immediately loved this as it wasn’t too intense as i don’t like to over draw my eyebrows, just fill in the sparse areas and use the gel to keep them under control. I wasn’t too keen on the packaging for quite an expensive brand it looked a bit cheap. Otherwise I’m loving this product!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted I’ve been really busy but hope to get back on track soon!





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