Essential Beauty Travel Bag.

Hello My Lovelies!

So in the morning I’m off home to Ireland for a couple of days and whilst I was packing I thought it would be a good idea to share with you whats in my travel/airport makeup bag.

The first thing I carry and can’t get on a plane without is a good lip balm! My lips get really dry from being on a plane so this is a must have for me. The one I’ve chosen for this journey is lime flavoured Carmex. It smells absolutely amazing and has spf 15 so it would be good if you were travelling somewhere sunny too!

Because of the rule that you can’t bring any liquid over 100mls I find it difficult to bring perfume with me. So I normally just bring a roll on perfume which is usually about 15ml or so. I got mine from River Island. It doesn’t smell amazing but is good for when you’re walking around the airport and only going somewhere for a couple of days.

When I’m only going away for a few days I usually don’t bring much makeup with me and normally just stick to the basics of foundation, concealer and then a palette that has highlighter, bronzer and blusher in it. So for this particular trip I’ve packed my MAC Studio Fix, Match Perfection concealer and the Sleek Contour and Blush palette in the shade Fair. I think a palette like this is perfect for traveling as it cuts down some of the bulk of your makeup bag!

Then the rest of the basics, eyeliner, mascara and a couple of lipstick options. The lipsticks I packed are Mac Chili and the new Maybelline Colour Drama in the shade Keep It Classy. I’ve packed a mascara from H&M which I love! It gives such good volume and only cost about £3!

That’s pretty much it, like I said I keep it simple because I don’t want to be hauling a bulging bag of makeup with me around the airport! What do you carry in your travel makeup bag?





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