Summer Time Essentials!

Hell my Lovelies,

So as we’ve been having such lovely weather here  in sunny England I just can’t wait for summer I thought i’d share my favourite summer products that I just can’t live without!

The first one is a good moisturizer. A good body lotion is essential during the summer as the skin gets dry from heat and humidity and you don’t want dry skin when you’re wearing shorts and no sleeves! I get mine from one of those £1 shops! Its called Pure Coconut by Inecto. It cost about £1.50 qnd it is amazing! A little goes a long way with this and it smells amazing! if you don’t like coconut you won’t like it!

The next thing is a good powder foundation. I loath wearing liquid foundation when its hot outside. I don’t like how it can sometimes feel greasy on my face and in general don’t enjoy wearing heavy make up throughout the summer months! I use Mac Studio Fix. My summer shade is NW33. I love using this as it doesn’t make my face feel greasy and its super light weight on my skin!

The next thing I can’t live without is a good perfume for those long summer BBQ nights and scent that smells like summer. I’m currently on the hunt for a good summer perfume as I find my usual Armani Sì and Alien are just too heavy for summer time. I’m looking for something floral and sweet but not too over powering! Any suggestions are appreciated!

The last thing I need during the summer months in of course a good sun cream. I don’t like sun creams that leave your skin feeling sticky or leave a white hue! Sultan do a good one but I can’t remember the exact name! “/ If I do find out I’ll let you know on twitter!

Well guys those are my summer essentials! Hope you enjoyed reading! What are your summer time essentials? Is there any you think I should add to my list? Let me know!





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