March Favourites!

Hello my Lovelies!

Can you believe we’re already on the 4th month of 2015?! Crazy!

So another month another monthly favourites! I don’t have to many favourites this month as I didn’t get to try out too many new products.

My first favourite is Dove Shampoo Repair and shine for damaged hair. I think I mentioned this in a previous blog post. But this stuff has done amazing things to my hair! I use heat a lot on my hair so it can get quite dry and damaged and this shampoo really does make my hair look healthy and makes it so shiny! I’m in love with it!

Another favourite this month is my favourite favourite! I picked this up a couple of weeks ago in Harvey Nichols and I mentioned it in my Haul post. Its MAC matte lipstick in Chili. I’ve never had a lipstick that i’ve loved so much I just wanted to wear it everyday but now I do! Its such a nice burnt orange/red colour and goes really nice with my skin tone.

My next favourite is the Revlon Colour Stay foundation for dry skin. I’ve been having some trouble with foundation and my skin the past few weeks  and I couldn’t seem to find a foundation that didn’t turn my face orange. I’ve done a review on this so you can read more about it here.(

My third favourite is the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment. I’ve had so many breakouts recently and this has worked so well on my skin! I just apply it straight on the blemish and it reduces the redness within an hour! I will definitely be purchasing this again!

My last monthly favourite is my fav fragrance of the month. I have a few that I alternate between and the one I have been using the most this month is Lancome O d’azur. I don’t really know how to describe how this smells but its kinda citrus-y and floral-y. I think its quite classy and subtle and it lasts all day!. I’m nearly out of it but I will definitely be getting it again. You can get it in John Lewis or Debanhams and it costs around £35 for 75 ml.

Sorry I didn’t have many favourites this month I will hopefully have more for next month!

What are you’re monthly favourites?





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