My Favourite YouTubers!

Hello my Lovelies!

So today as I still haven’t had time to go out and get some new stuff to write first impressions or reviews on I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite YouTubers! I’m not going to list everyone I’m subscribed to coz that would just take forever! So i’ll just list my top 4 🙂

Number 1

My all time favourite Youtuber is Grav3yardgirl, she goes by the name of bunny. Her videos are mainly beauty related but she also does videos series called ‘Does This Thing Really Work’,’First Impression Fridays’ and ‘Wreck it Wednesday’. She is absolutely hilarious (even the boyf likes her videos). Watching her videos has really helped me to not care what people think about me and feel comfortable doing whatever the hell I want! I really recommend you subscribe or watch some of her videos!

Number 2

My number 2 Youtuber is Shaaanxo! She does the most amazing eye makeup tutorials! She’s from New Zealand and I literally check youtube twice a day to see if she’s uploaded new videos! Her dog is super cute too!

Number 3

My number 3 favourite is Kathleen Lights! I recently stumbled upon her whilst searching for a specific makeup tutorial. I immediately fell in love with her videos and stayed up all night watching them! She’s just so genuine and funny and I really really enjoy her videos! Go subscribe to her channel!

Number 4

Last but not least is Essie Button. Shes from Canada but lives in London. Her videos vary from healthy living to makeup and beauty. She also has a vlog channel which features her dog reggie ( so adorable) I’m subscribed to both! She’s really funny and so down to earth and I lover the way she wears her make up!

Who are some of your favourite Youtubers? Are there any you recommend I subscribe to? Let me know in the comments!





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