Checking In & Top 3 Drug Store Products.

Hello my Lovelies!

Sooo normally I have two or three blog post each week about a new product or review or a first impression but this week has just been so hectic (blame it on my crappy manager at work) that I’ve literally had no time to go shopping or properly try out any new products. I’ve been so busy in work and I’m going to be super busy next week too. I hope to have two posts next week but I’m just giving you heads up that they might not be beauty related!

Anywhoo, as I’ve not got any new products to talk to you guys about I thought I’d share with you my top three drug store products that I could not live without!

Number 1

So number one is the Maxfactor Cème Puff compact powder. I’ve used this powder for as long as I can remember! It gives a good bit of coverage so sometimes I like to just use it over a primer. And the really good thing about it is it doesn’t make your face look overly powdery! You can get this in Boots and it costs £6.

Number 2

I don’t know if some people would consider this a beauty product but in my eyes it is. CARMEX! Its a lip balm and it is just amazing! It does wonderful things to your lips! It makes them soft and smooth and I just love it! I buy it all the time especially when they bring out new flavours! I also have to buy it all the time because my boyfriend keeps stealing them! But hey, who am I to deny the guy super soft lips! You can get this in all drug stores and I’m pretty sure some supermarkets sell it and you can even get it in Primark! (Penneys for you Irish folk). Although you’ll have more of a selection in Boots or Superdrug or something. It depends on if you get the tube or stick how much it cost but mostly between £4 and £6.

Number 3

Rimmel ScandalEyes Show Off mascara.I love this mascara and have used it for so long! Its a pretty good dupe for Benefits They’re Real mascara only its easier to remove!!(Coz lets be honest that stuff s*hts hard to get off!) It makes your eyelashes look longer thicker and super in your face! You can get this at pretty much any Rimmel stand and it costs £7!

Well guys those are my three drug store makeup must haves! Thanks for Reading!





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