MIni Rant!

Hello my Lovelies!

First off let me just thank you for helping my blog reach 100 views! It may not be a lot but its still a milestone for me! Lets get to 200 now!

So I have a bit of a rant for you guys today. During the black Friday sales I got a really nice No7 nail varnish from Boots and its such a pretty sparkly red shade and I couldn’t wait to use it! I think the shade was called ‘Fire Cracker’. Anyways at the time I had gel nails so I didn’t get to use it until recently and let me just tell you I was so disappointed with it! I put it on before I went to bed and by the time I woke up it had chipped and continued to chip throughout the day! I tried everything each time to try and make it stay (top coat, bottom coat etc) everything and it still chipped!

In my opinion No7 is a more expensive drug store brand so I expected a lot more from it! I’ve had nail varnish that cost £1 and last longer! I really don’t recommend buying nail varnish from No7 at all! I only tried one shade and it could have been just that particular formula but then again I still wouldn’t risk it. Well that’s my rant over..





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