Rimmel London Colour Rush Lip Balm Review!

Hello my Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a super good weekend and lovely Valentines Day!

Now that the weekend is over its back to business! So today I will be doing a review on the Rimmel London Colour Rush Lip Balms.. As if that wasn’t obvious from the title!

Anyways I picked up a couple about a week ago and have been wearing them quite a bit! The two shades I got are ‘Sun- Kissed’ and ‘Viva Violet’. First of all let me just say they are super hydrating and moisturising and surprisingly pigmented! I didn’t think as a lip balm they would hold much pigment but they actually do!

When applied its super shiney and glossy but it isn’t sticky which is brilliant as I really don’t like having sticky products on my lips which is why I refuse to wear lip gloss!

When wearing other lipstick my lips tend to get really dry and sore which means I have to stop wearing them for a while until my lips are better so this product is excellent for me as I can add a pop of colour to my look without making my lips suffer!

Purple: Viva Violet  Peach: Sun Kissed
Purple: Viva Violet
Peach: Sun Kissed

The only bad thing about this product, which I suppose comes with all lip balm products, is it tends to transfer really easy and I got some on my favourite top! ( It washed out thank god!) I wouldn’t wear it on a night out because of this but it’s perfect for everyday looks and they smell amazing! I really like them!

Hope you enjoyed reading!





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