Benefit Roller Lash Mascara First Impression.

Hello My Lovelies!

Well as you may all know Benefit are releasing a new mascara on the 27th of this month and the hype over it is mahoosive! So Elle magazine and Benefit got together had a bit of a chit chat and decided to put a free sample in this months edition! ( I’m not sure that’s how it went down but it’s how I imagined it) If you were as lucky as I was to get your hands on it (I looked in like 5 shops) you’re probably too busy looking at your eyelashes in the mirror to read this blog post!

For those of you who didn’t I’m here to give you my first impression of this highly anticipated product! And OH MY GOD I’m blown away! My eyelashes have never looked so good! It really does open up your eyes! I’ve always been a fan of benefit mascaras but this is just amazing! The sample I got is the same size as the mini mascaras that you get in the Benefit sets which I think are quite handy. The new mascara says it will separate, lift and curl your lashes and hold the curl for 12 hours!!  Its also easy to remove and water resistant! What more could you want!image (1)

Honestly girls, throw away your eyelash curlers because this mascara does it all! I can’t wait to get the full size version!

Excuse me while I go take pictures of my eyelashes and put them on instagram..

Thanks for reading!




P.s the picture is after one coat!!


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