Lush Facial Care Products Review.

Hello people!

So for my first beauty related blog post I thought I’d do a review on some of my favourite skin care products. These are not the only ones I use but they are what keeps my skin looking really fresh and clear! Both of these products are from LUSH cosmetics. The first product I use is ‘Mask of Magnaminty’. This is a self preserving face mask and scrub. It’s all natural and smells of delicious mint! I find this product really good for my T zone area as it helps reduce oil build up and black heads! The mint in it gives a nice tingly feeling too!

The second product I use from LUSH to keep my skin clear is the ‘Eua Roma Water’. this stuff is AMAZING! Its made up of rose water and lavender and rose essential oils. It is so good for your skin and can reduce redness, irritation and dryness  and helps reduce oil on the skin (perfect for combination skin!) I use this every morning and night and I swear its helped my skin SO much!

I love LUSH products as they are against testing on animals and all their products are made from natural ingredients! And they don’t break the bank! What more could you want!

Thanks for reading! More to come soon!





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